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Connect for Tschirner, Kontakte, A Communicative Approach, 7e

Erwin Tschirner, Brigitte Nikolai, Tracy D. Terrell

The Seventh Edition of Kontakte continues to offer a truly communicative approach that supports functional proficiency while responding to students needs in new and exciting ways. As a direct result of our research, we created Connect German, a powerful online learning platform that includes the ebook, the online Arbeitsbuch, an audio/video chat feature, and a brand-new video filmed in Leipzig, thereby offering a flexible solution for the evolving introductory German landscape.

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Key Features

  • EBook1

    Integrated eBook

    Personalized learning extended beyond the classroom

    When learning tools are interactive, content is more approachable and engagement is deeper. Connect includes an Integrated eBook that builds student comprehension through animation, audio and video. As part of its rich media format, students can insert and review notes, highlight text, conduct searches for specific content and interact with high-impact images.

  • Interactive Activities

    Embedded audio and video allow your students to easily view new interviews and Perspecktiven video segments. Students can then move from comprehension to interaction by completing the related activities within Connect German.

  • German_IntroductoryGerman_Kontakte7e_Tschirner_AssignmentBuilder

    Assignment Builder

    You can choose from a wide variety of assignment types and policy settings for each assignment you create within Connect. Through Connect, you are able to fully customize your assignments with policy setting capabilities such as: how many attempts are allowed by students, what type of automatic feedback they will receive, writing and creating questions of various types, how the content is organized, and more.

More Features

  • Course and Assignment Sharing

    No need to reinvent the wheel, share your courses and assignments with peers

    This feature permits you to share your assignments with other instructors and colleagues for consistency across multiple sections. You control permissions such as whether another instructor can modify your content or if you will update material and automatically share those revisions. Once assignments are complete generate a number of powerful analytical reports. In the end, everyone involved with your course accomplishes more in less time.

  • Simple LMS Integration

    A single platform keeps you and students on the same page

    All it takes is one click and Connect seamlessly integrates with every learning management system out there. Quickly access registration, attendance, assignments, grades and course resources in real time, in one go-to location.

  • Effortless Grading

    Adds more efficiency and momentum to class time 

    Connect automatically grades students’ assignments so valuable time is focused on teaching, not grading homework and quizzes. Built-in reporting lets you assess how well students are learning and where students need more guidance—giving you the opportunity to provide students with immediate performance feedback and tailor course materials accordingly.

  • Free Student Trial

    Make sure your students have all their course materials from day one

    Connect’s free trial access allows students full temporary access to Connect before they’re required to purchase an access code. Instructors can assign coursework the first day of class so any student awaiting financial aid or textbook arrival has a 21-day cushion to count on.

  • Integrated Instructor/Student Resources

    All of our instructor/student resource supplements are conveniently housed within the Connect Library tab — right where you need them — so that you do not need to log onto the text’s Online Learning Center separately.

  • Lecture Capture with Tegrity

    Overcome time constraints and busy student schedules 

    With simple, one-click recording students can access your class lectures at anytime from anywhere an internet connection is accessible. A powerful keyword search function quickly pinpoints needed information. Easy access outside of class combined with a rich user experience translates into more learning opportunities and better prepared students.

Effectiveness Study

Connect Makes a Difference

Analysis of data aggregated from 34 Connect case studies featuring diverse colleges and universities in the United States showed consistent improvement in four areas:

Reduced administrative time for instructors
Increased effectiveness of lectures and more engaged students
Greater student confidence and retention rate
Higher test scores and overall grades

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